The 80 million question and how Aramex is Empowering Entrepreneurs in the Region


With 80 million new jobs in the MENA region needed by 2020 to just maintain the current unemployment rate, entrepreneurship is seen as a key part of the solution for this jobs dilemma. Entrepreneurship is also key part of Aramex’s sustainability focus areas, one of 6 areas that the company has prioritized to invest in including education and youth empowerment, community development, the environment, emergency relief, and sports.  But what are we doing exactly?


We continue to leverage our knowledge, resources and expertise to encourage and empower the business leaders of tomorrow. The Entrepreneurial Unit at Aramex, established in 2010, coordinates a variety of activities to support entrepreneurs across the region by facilitating their growth and development via our networks and contacts. Another important way that we support entrepreneurship is by providing tools and solutions, for example to enable e-commerce startups to flourish, with the REDe Solutions Center.

The REDe Center offers you several solutions, including providing your business with platforms to launch an online e-commerce operation for minimal costs. We cover all aspects of e-commerce under the REDe solutions center. The service contains full supply chain solutions, from storage of products to order fulfillment, making the process as easy as possible. Our website uses the latest technologies, allowing the creation of personalized store fronts and individual commercial plans for each business. To learn more, check out our solution here.

Will the region be able to meet its 80 million, 2020 challenge? Its probably too soon to tell. But one thing is certain; entrepreneurship will be a key part of fulfilling that challenge and Aramex wants to help entrepreneurs get there.